You Can Now Stay In A Hotel Shaped Like A Bumhole

You can now stay in a hotel shaped like a bum.Verbeke Foundation

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples across the land will be looking to cosy up in an otherworldly realm know as the Getaway World.

This is a land where shared and dubiously scented flats vanish in place of picturesque, thatched B&Bs and stately lakeside hotels. Dry Coco Pops are switched for hand reared brunches, and Netflix scrolling is replaced with ‘real conversations about the future’.

And this pleasant yet dutiful excursion is all well and good, leaving the coupled masses feeling like gentile, TripAdvisor literate side characters in a Jane Austen novel.

But, if you’re being honest with yourself, wouldn’t your current relationship be far better represented by a loud and proud bumhole, bared to the elements?

Designed by Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout, the aptly named CasAnus is a gigantic polyester sculpture in the shape of the human digestive system.

This of course includes an alarmingly lifelike human anus, with a bum hole substantial enough to rest your champagne picnic basket in.

This unusually veiny structure is located in the Verbeke Foundation Art Park, close to Antwerp in Belgium. And it is far more than just a one-of-a-kind landmark to take a few chuckle-worthy snaps of.

You and your significant other can actually stay overnight inside this romantically secluded digestive tract, without fear of being dissolved by gastric juices and excreted as lumps of faeces.

You can now stay inside a digestive system.Verbeke Foundation

Inside the CasAnus, you will not find any traces of intestinal lining or partially digested fragments of stir-fry.

Instead, the interior is all is calmness and serenity, with ‘pristine white’ walls and plenty of wide windows to let the light in.

As well as a comfy looking bed and a table perfect for candlelit dinners, guests will have access to modern conveniences such as lighting, running water, electric heating and a shower.

There is also a toilet, which I imagine is a pretty mind boggling experience.

Hotel shaped like digestive tract.Verbeke Foundation

Those who have stayed at CasAnus have heaped it with plenty of praise, with one TripAdvisor user from The Netherlands stating:

When you visit the Verbeke Foundation you will see, feel and expirience Art. The Verbeke family are very nice people. You can stay in CasAnus an artwork from Joep van Lieshout, and wake up fresh, vibrant and inspired.

Another person, from Belgium, mused:

What a wonderful discovery! What a great objects both outside and inside. Very strange at times. We have enjoyed super.

You can stay for one night in CasAnus for €120 (around £104), which really isn’t too bad at all when you consider the usual going rate for quirky weekends away these days.

This price includes your breakfast, as well as access to the Verbeke Foundation museum where you can view other interesting works of art, which are of course not all quite so anally focused.

Those interested in staying at CasAnus are advised to make their reservation at least one week in advance by emailing: [email protected]

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