You Can Now Take Your Weed On Planes In Oregon

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jul 2015 13:34

In great news for marijuana enthusiasts in Oregon, stoners will no longer have to hide their drugs up their butt, as they can now legally carry their weed with them on their flight.


After the state’s new law legalised recreational marijuana use, passengers flying from Oregon’s Portland International Airport will now be permitted to carry up to an ounce of the drug during their travels.

According to UPI:

If a TSA agent finds a passenger with marijuana, the local police will be notified to ensure it is within the legal weight limit (up to an ounce), the passenger is of legal age to carry the drug (21) and the boarding pass indicates an in-state flight. If everything checks out, the passenger is free to travel.

Unfortunately, this new law doesn’t allow you to carry weed if you’re flying to another U.S state but if you’re travelling to another airport in Oregon, you’re set.

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