You Can Stay In A Hotel Where It’s Christmas 365 Days A Year


I’ll be the first to put my hands up and admit that I am Christmas obsessed. Fairy lights, family get-togethers and let’s not forget prosecco – what more could you want?

Despite the fact I’m now in my mid-20s, I’m definitely the annoying friend that blasts Mariah Carey and Wizzard on repeat from Bonfire Night onwards.

‘Oh I wish it could be Christmas every daaaay!’ Well, now it can. That’s right, you can live out your Christmas dreams 365 days of the year thanks to one hotel.

The Christmas Farm Inn and Spa is a family owned business and is located in Jackson, New Hampshire. It celebrates the spirit of Christmas all year round, perfect for Christmas lovers everywhere – well, if you’re willing to travel to America that is.

Their website describes how their hotel is a ‘present’ and goes on to say:

In the Spirit of Christmas, we celebrate the simple pleasures of life every day: friends, family, fun, love, adventure, inspiration and well being.

In all, it seems like the perfect place to stay. And it only gets more Christmassy, as each of their nine ‘main inn’ rooms share a name with Santa’s reindeers.

Their Saltbox rooms continue the festive spirit, named Mistletoe, Holly, Elves, Rudolph, Noel, North Star, Yuletide, Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice.

Even writing them all down makes me want to cover my flat in fairy lights and put up the Christmas tree! Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself…

The hotel also boasts an authentic crackling fire, rocking chairs and a cosy Mistletoe Pub. So whatever the season, guests can curl up in front of the fire with a book and really get into the Christmas spirit.

If the amenities aren’t enough for you and you’d prefer to embrace your inner elf, the hotel is also situated 45 minutes away from Santa’s Village and is a ‘proud sponsor of the Annual Journey to the North Pole, a magical journey for adults and kids alike’.

It just keeps getting better. But most of us don’t live in America and therefore, let’s face it, the likelihood of us visiting this hotel are about the same as Theresa May admitting she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on with Brexit.

Don’t worry though, your Christmas dreams don’t have to be crushed just yet. Now the dark nights are rolling in and the cold temperatures are forcing us to put extra layers on, it will soon be time to put on our favourite Christmas films.

And now you don’t have to dig the DVDs out from wherever they’ve been hidden for the past 10 months, because an all day every day Christmas movie channel hit TVs last month.

According to Metro, True Christmas is dedicated to playing both old and new Christmas classics and will continue to do so until January.

Now, when it comes to Christmas movies I’m torn. Yes, I love Elf and Love Actually and all of the classics, but there are some very cheesy ones which get played in the lead up to Christmas that I cannot stand.

My mum, on the other hand, watches them religiously and makes sure to record the ones that she misses. Honestly, I couldn’t count the amount of amnesia Santas and Christmas romances I’ve had to watch because she’s taken over the telly.


So this sounds absolutely perfect for her – I’ll have to make sure she knows about it. Or, on second thoughts, maybe not…

The channel airs 24/7 on Freeview 62, Sky 319, Virgin 424 and Freesat 302 – so you no longer have any excuses to miss out on everyone’s festive favourites (debatable).

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

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