You Can Take A Tour Of Ben Affleck’s Batcave Using Google Maps

Alfred-Jeremy-Irons-Wayne-Manor-Batman-V-SupermanWarner Bros.

While critics may be kicking ten shades out of shit out of Batman V Superman, Google seem to have liked it and have even added a secret new location to Google maps. 

The worlds biggest search engine have gone out of their way to mark Ben Affleck’s Wayne Manor, and the Batcave, from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on the map, Cnet reports.


The interactive map lets you wander around the billionaire’s mansion, which is pretty awesome but let’s be honest who cares about that, when you can enter the infamous Batcave, which includes the Batmobile, Bruce’s armoury and even the prototype anti-Superman Batsuit.


Strangely though if you zoom out of the map seems that Bruce doesn’t actually live in Gotham, instead he resides on the outskirts of Detroit?

Even better you can even leave Wayne manor a review (so much for a secret identity).

batman reviewGoogle

What’s more if you’re lucky enough to own a VR set, then the map is reportedly fully explorable, that must have taken some effort! If only they’d put it into the film…