Facebook Looking Into Ways For Users To ‘Monetise Their Content’


Facebook is considering a new feature that’ll pay you cash for your witty statements and ‘grade-A banter’.

This means your hilarious status about the recent goings on, or that extra cheeky Nandos you had, could soon be earning more than just likes – if Facebook thinks it’s deserving enough.

As it stands Facebook doesn’t currently have a method for users to monetise their content.


This means that it doesn’t really compete with other platforms like YouTube who splits advertising money with its content creators if a video gets enough views.

Facebook now wants to add this functionality to their platform and are reportedly looking into ways to offer their users ways to make money according to a recent customer survey questionnaire.


Options on the survey included a section about making money off your ‘personal preference’ including a tip jar, ad revenue sharing, a donation button and a call to action button.

Of course there’s no guarantee that the social media giant will go with any of these options but in the past these surveys have led to innovation on the site.

So why not start building up a back log of ‘banter’ now, you could soon be raking it in!