You Could Pay £1 A Month To Live In This £3 Million House


We’ve always wondered what it’d be like to live in an expensive mansion and, now, for as low as £1 a month, this guy is offering people the chance to do just that.

As reported by the Mirror Online, the millionaire founder of flatshare website SpareRoom, Rupert Hunt, is on the lookout for a couple of housemates to share his £3 million period house in a fashionable London neighbourhood.

Rather than charging the full market rate of up to £2,100 per month, Rupert is content with potential housemates paying as little as £1 per month for the privilege of sharing his awesome digs.

And, apparently, all he really wants for his quid a month housesharers in the 15 room property in Spitalfields is for them to be good company.

Writing in the SpareRoom ad, Rupert said:

I’m offering the rooms on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. I’m far more interested in finding the right people to share with, who I’ll enjoy having around and add something to my life, than maximising my rent (and market rent round here would price some people out).

So if you’re my perfect flatmate and happen to be volunteering and can only afford £100 per month, I’d sooner take you over someone who can pay full whack but who isn’t quite right.

The awesome pad includes such amenities as a music room (with a baby grand piano), a garden room, and a room dubbed the ‘Disco Lounge’. There’s even a stuffed bear and two stuffed peacocks, for some reason.

There are several catches, however, if you want to share this house with Rupert. For starters, he notes that he works hard and plays hard so “chances are I won’t be everyone’s ideal flatmate”.

Other than that, he’s looking for someone with a pet, who can play the piano, knows how to garden, can play cards (shithead, preferably), likes people and likes to party. Plus, you’ll need to bring a jumper because Rupert doesn’t like putting the heating on, apparently.

Also, you need to be free on February 3 or 4 and be willing to appear in Rupert’s YouTube series to document your stay.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty sweet gig. There is one other catch though – Rupert does also note that the house is “possibly haunted”.

So if you fit all of the requirements, you can check out the full advert and apply to be Rupert’s new housemate here.