You Need To Know About Horror Film ‘The Evil Within’

Vision Films

The Evil Within is a film you probably need to know about if you haven’t already heard of it – and it looks completely terrifying.

It comes with a sad back-story, too. The film’s director, Andrew Getty, spent almost 15 years working on ‘The Evil Within’ but died two years ago at age 47 before seeing the film completed.

Getty was estimated to have spent $4 million to $6 million of his own money into the film, which he ‘obsessed over’ right up until his death.

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According to Hollywood Reporter, principal photography for the film started back in 2002 – but production would start and stop again for five years as Getty scrutinised over every frame, insisting on making his ‘own unique camera rigs, and building elaborate animatronic robots and expensive sets’.

So what’s the film about? In short, it’s about a ‘mentally challenged’ boy who begins to talk to his own reflection in a mirror. It soon becomes a demon who haunts his dreams, telling him to murder, torturing him psychologically, and to collect bodies in the basement.

After Getty’s death, producer Michael Luceri was able to complete the film and it was released earlier this year.