You Need To See This Nigerian Spider-Girl Trailer, It’s Incredible


Comic fans around the world are waiting with bated breathe to see what Tom Holland’s performance as Spider-Man is going to be like – but the poor guy may have been outshone before he’s even webbed up his first bad guy. 

Meet Spider-Girl a gender bent, copyright infringing adaptation of everyone’s favourite wall-crawler straight from Nigeria’s version of Hollywood, Nollywood.

giphy (19)

As I’m sure you can tell from the trailer Spider-Girls more than capable of going up against Marvel’s heavy hitters, swinging (or flying it’s hard to tell) through the jungle and battling criminals with her magical ability to produce cartoon string, or webs, again it’s hard to tell.


Okay let’s be honest the CGI’s not the best and the story looks … a bit incoherent. I think it’s about Spider-Girl stopping criminals but I couldn’t tell you what their crimes are. Either way I’m sure the villains in that car that she mercilessly threw into the jungle deserved their fiery death..


Anyway judging by the last trailer for Civil War Captain America’s team doesn’t have their own Spider-Person so who knows maybe Spider-Girl could travel over the Atlantic and battle Tom Holland’s, slightly more polished looking, Spider-Man.