You Won’t Believe How Much You Could Earn As A Magician

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You know the ones, the cheesy magicians who pull some roses out of their pocket to give to the mum who’s hosting her child’s birthday party, and then make the birthday girl disappear into the next room before finding 50 pence behind her ear.

Well, whether they’re one of those, or the world-famous Dynamo, they all follow the same three golden rules:

  1. Never tell anyone the secret, because that’s where the magic lies.
  2. Never show anyone your tricks until you practice, because proper preparation prevents poor performance.
  3. Never do the same trick twice for the same person: The first time is a trick; the second time is a lesson.

It turns out that the small-scale tricksters can earn a hell of a lot more than you as well!


Tricky Henry, who manages the magic department at New York City’s Abracadabra magic store, said to Forbes:

What famous magicians do and what birthday party and local magicians do is, at the heart of it, the same thing.

The only difference is some have been discovered while the others haven’t.


One example is Shawn Farquar, the ex-president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians which is a society of about 15,000 magicians only 20% of whom are professionals, who earned $250,000 per year in his best years.

Apparently a six-figure salary ($100,000) is ‘no problem, especially if you’re in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago’.

While this doesn’t compare to David Copperfield’s $64 million, the $100,000 is pretty amazing for a small-scale party musician!

dc_bullett_photo-1David Copperfield - Wikimedia

Max Darwin, aka Amazing Max, makes a comfortable $200,000 performing for audiences ranging from a dozen children at a birthday, to 200 people at an off-Broadway show, to 1000 on his annual tour.

Of course not all magicians are raking in six figures, but because the skills are still pretty rare, it can be a very lucrative weekend business.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to spend the rest of my evening practicing.