You Won’t Believe The Size Of The Crater Left By The Tianjin Explosion

by : UNILAD on : 16 Aug 2015 12:58

New aerial photos from the site of the explosion at a port in Tianjin, China has shown the sheer scale of the devastation left by the blast.


Two massive explosions at a warehouse which stores dangerous chemicals have been followed by a series of new, smaller explosions causing further small fires to break out. The death toll from the incident has risen to 112, while hundreds more are injured or missing, and large areas of the city have been left in ruins.


Aerial photos show the scale of the devastation, with 8,000 mangled, melted cars and a huge crater blasted into the ground.


Another image shows the site before and after the explosions, shockwaves from which were reportedly felt by residents in apartment blocks several miles away in the city of 15 million people.


And thousands of people have now been evacuated from the area surrounding the warehouse, as authorities admitted that the lethal chemicals were being stored illegally.

Amidst fears that toxic chemical particles could be blown inland, Chinese police confirmed for the first time on Saturday the presence of deadly sodium cyanide at the site of the blast – a chemical fatal when ingested or inhaled. A two mile exclusion zone was declared, and an estimated 6,000 people were evacuated.

Officials insist it is not yet clear what triggered the two blasts, which happened about 30 seconds apart on Wednesday.

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