#YouAintNoMuslimBruv: Britons React In A ‘Very London’ Way To Tube Station Stabbing


A knife-wielding man injured three people at a Tube station in east London on Saturday night with him reportedly shouting “this is for Syria”.

The attacker was arrested after being Tasered by police, after several attempts to apprehend him. But behind the camera – a Muslim east Londoner – shouts at the knifeman: “You ain’t no Muslim bruv! You ain’t no Muslim!”


Soon, his defiant phrase started the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv and it’s trending all over Twitter, with people showing their support for the victims, as well as sharing their stance on Islamophobia all in one go. Brilliant.

Some were also quick to praise the actions of the police and how they restrained the attacker…

The stabbing at at Leytonstone Tube station is being treated as a “terrorist incident”, but police are yet to release any further details about the attack. But it’s great to see Londoners banding together…


This act of defiance and unity is exactly what’s needed right now. Fair play London!