You’ll Get Arrested If You Do This Inside Your Polling Station


As voters hit polling booths today, no doubt many people will be keen to document the exercising of their democratic right to social media.

But – exciting as it is – oversharing actually has the potential to land you in some pretty hot water.

The UK has strict rules in place regarding the publishing of voting information before polling stations close, and although they are designed to keep big publishers – such as newspapers – in check, you could still fall fowl of them.


Now that anyone and his dog – literally – can be a social media publisher, individuals have to be just as careful about what they post online on polling day, reports The Telegraph.

The strictest aspect of the law governs photography and filming, with the electoral commission strongly advising against taking any photographs or videos inside a polling station.

This is the reason all news reports, photos and videos about the election are all from outside polling stations.


The reason for this is because photography inside a polling station could jeopardise the secrecy of somebody else’s vote.

The person or their ballot paper could accidentally be captured on film which could legally be interpreted as an attempt to gather and disseminate information about their vote.


Back in 2014, police issued a warning that those found sharing a photo of a ballot paper could be prosecuted, resulting in a prison term of up to six months or a fine of up to £5,000.

So, unless you fancy a stint inside or being five grand lighter, best to keep the smartphone in your pocket until you’re outside guys

Get voting!