Young Lad Doesn’t Understand How Ebay Works, Spends £5000 On Two Xboxes


Next time you’re staring wistfully at your empty bank account, wondering where it all went wrong, spare a thought for this kids parents.

Nathan, is about to enter a world of trouble. In the video uploaded by the little guy’s dad to YouTube, we see that instead of bidding £50 ($75) dollars for the pair of 360’s, he accidentally bid £5000 ($7,500) using his Grandad’s eBay account.

Looking a little like a rabbit caught in the headlights, his father tells him he’ll never be allowed on the internet again.

While Nathan doesn’t seem all that bothered, he does resolve to never do it again. Until he’s 18, probably.

Personally, I’d like to know why the poor little chap was attempting to buy two used Xbox 360s for £50. If he’s gonna drop five grand on a games console, he could probably do a bit better than that.