Young Tory Gets Egged By Protesters Outside Conservative Party Conference


A young Conservative was left with egg on his face in more ways than one after protesters confronted him outside the Tory Party conference in Manchester.

What with Britain’s ruling party not being so popular at the current time, attendees of the Conservative Party conference were advised not to make themselves easily identifiable in the street, and the reason why has become abundantly clear.

An estimated 80,000 activists have lined the streets of Manchester to protest against Tory leadership and proposed cuts in government spending, and this young man was caught in the crossfire after someone in the crowd came armed with eggs.

Truth TV1984/ YouTube

Jeremy Corbyn, the newly elected leader of the opposition who will be in Manchester to speak at a protest rally on Monday, has urged those present to ‘keep it peaceful’.

The mass gathering has also been taken as an opportunity for the ever creative public to inevitably take the piss out of David Cameron and the pig gate scandal.

Cracking shot. Sorry.