Your PS1 Games Could Be Worth More Than You Think

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If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been hoarding your old video games away, like a squirrel hiding nuts for winter, safe in the knowledge that when Western culture inevitably collapses your copy of Tekken will buy you safe passage off this blighted isle. 

While your mum was wrong about video games not being valuable, not all PS1 games are created equal and some are more valuable than others.

Who’d have thought that the rarer a game is the more valuable it would actually be? Anyway here are the ten most valuable PlayStation games, apparently

Mega Man Battle & Chase (£70)


If you’ve got a copy of Mega Man Battle & Chase knocking about on a shelf somewhere then congratulations you own one of the rarer more valuable PS1 games.

The Mario Kart style game was only launched in Europe and Japan and challenged Mega Man, and the player, to battle his enemy come go-karting buddy Dr. Wily to a race because that’s just what happens in these slap-dash karting games.

Mega Man X3 (£70)


Mega Man X3 is the third and final game in the Mega Man X series and sees Mega Man battling a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler and his army of evil robot followers.

So why’s Mega Man X3 so valuable? Well according to online forums (The most reliable sources of info on the web aside from Wikipedia) it was a later console release and had very a limited print run, making it a rare game.

Combine this with the rabid Mega Man fandom and the fact that it was an expensive game from release, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an expensive game.

Devil Dice (£70)


Irritatingly the dice based puzzle game Devil Dice was one of the few games on this list that I actually owned, and subsequently lost.

There’s very little info out there about why this game carries such a hefty price tag but I can only imagine it’s because the game was so difficult that it inspired a number of owners to smash the disk in a fury increasing the games rarity.

Rapid Reload (£75)


If your a fan of run and gun games featuring main characters who’s genders are hard to determine then your bound to love Rapid Reload. Not as much as collectors though, who are willing to fork out a whopping £75.00 to add it to their collection.

Blazing Dragons (£75)

5191Crystal Dynamics

Based on the UK animated series of the same name (no I don’t remember it either) Blazing Dragons was a point and click game that got rave reviews,mainly due to it’s premier voice cast and its Monty Python inspired humour.

I imagine that this, combined with a limited print run (this seems to apply to all the games on the list) made the game so value.

Robotron X (£80)

Robotron X is reportedly a less than stellar remake of a well regarded arcade shoot-em-up. The PS1 game has such terrible reviews that I can only presume that it’s value is due to it’s rarity because god knows no one else would want to actually play it.

Suikoden 2 (£95)


Suikoden 2 was a critical darling which suffered from an extremely limited print run. This meant that supply couldn’t match demand hence the value of the game.

Unlike the rest of these lacklustre games though I imagine the fact that this RPG is actually fun is why it’s so valuable.

Jupiter Strike (£110)


The only thing I can find out about Jupiter Strike is that it was apparently awe inspiringly awful

Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2 (£140)


These games have got so obscure now that even the peerless knowledge of Wikipedia editors has begun to fail me.

While Senna was of course a peerless racing driver there’s not much out there about this game that explains its value.

Tintin Destination Adventure (£180)

A game about a small Belgian boy and his dog going on adventures is the most valuable game around? Why?

Well once again this is due to it’s extremely limited run, never officially getting a release in the U.S. and a limited UK release, making this game highly sought after by PlayStation completionists.