Your Spare Change Could Be Worth A LOT More Than You Think


For the majority of us a handful of spare change is no more than a burden – unless you’re a child. Then a handful of change feels like a fortune.

But sometimes, and in incredibly rare times, that two pence coin you thought was practically useless could be a small fortune in itself, and that’s just what these poppy collectors stumbled across.

When poppy collectors were inspecting the collection they had made for the Royal British Legion in Wiltshire, they presumed the silver two-pence coin, as opposed to the usual bronze, was a fake. Little did they know it was actually worth £2,000.


For some bizarre reason, instead of chucking the coin aside, the collectors decided to send it through to the bank to be ‘destroyed’, but the Royal Mint later confirmed that it was a ‘minting error’ as a blank 10p had been sent through the 2p mint.

Strangely, this isn’t the only time this has happened. The same thing occurred back in 2013 when a silver 2p from the 80’s was discovered and sold for £1,350 – but experts believe this one to be worth even more, likely to be over £2,000.

Branch chairman Richard Tilney elaborated on what the Legion plan to do with the coin, saying:

The Legion has a corporate partner who sells old medals and coins, and they are going to take it off our hands for a handsome price.

The Poppy Appeal is very dear to our hearts and it would be fantastic to get the
money to the right place.


So yeah. You might want to start riffling through your piggy bank and looking out for those special two pence coins. They could be worth something after all.