‘You’re A W*nker’: Video Shows Moment Brave Man Confronts Munich Gunman

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jul 2016 12:46

Video has emerged showing Munich gunman, Ali Sonboly, involved in a shouting match just minutes after his deadly shooting spree.


In the exchange – which has been translated from German – 18-year-old Sonboly can be heard defending his actions, shouting that he had been bullied for seven years, reports the Daily Mail.

Sonboly murdered nine people and injured dozens more before turning his gun on himself.

Reports are now stating that the teenager acted alone and has no known links to ISIS or other Islamist militant organisations.



The footage shows the teenage gunman stood on the roof of the Olympic Shopping Centre in the district of Moosach, and one man in particular can be heard swearing at Sonboly as he tries to justify his actions.

At one point Sonboly shouts that he not a foreigner but a German to which the man responds: “You’re a wanker is what you are.”

Here is the full transcript of the exchange:

Man: “You fucking asshole!”

Sonboly: “Because of you I was bullied for 7 years…”

Man: “You wanker you. You’re a wanker”

Sonboly: “…and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you”

Man: “A gun! Fuck off! Your head should be cut off you asshole”

German Munich ShootingGerman Munich ShootingPA

At this point another voice can be heard from nearby calling Sonboly a ‘fucking Turk’, to which the main voice says: “Fucking foreigner.”

His response:

Sonboly: “I am German.”

Man: “You’re a wanker is what you are”

Sonboly: “Stop filming!”

Man: “A wanker is what you are. What the fuck are you doing?”

Sonboly: “Yeah what, I was born here.”

Man: “Yeah and what the fuck you think you’re doing?”

Sonboly: “I grew up here in the Hartz 4 area.”


The two then shout over each other with neither being heard before the man near the camera says: “Yeah treatment is something for you.”

Sonboly responds, saying: “I haven’t done anything here for (unintelligible) … Please shut your mouth.”

The man shouts back: “You c*nt,” before ducking for cover as Sonboly starts firing.

They must have been shitting into your head,” shouts the onlooker to the teen gunman.


Sonboly replies:

They have not. They have not, that’s the thing. They have not.

Shortly after the exchange, police arrived on the scene before Sonboly took his own life.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the tragedy.

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