YouTube Just Changed Its Logo And Nobody Noticed


Since 2005 YouTube has evolved massively but one thing that has never changed is the website’s logo – until today.

A new logo was unveiled on YouTube’s official blog and it has been redesigned to work better on mobiles.

You will also notice it downplays the ‘Tube’ part of the company’s name as it’s an old slang word for ‘TV’ which no-one uses any more.


An official blog post said:

Designed for our multi-screen world, the updated logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and icon, creating a more flexible design that works better across a variety of devices, even on the tiniest screens.

Why’s it more flexible? When room is limited (say on a smartphone) you can use the brightened up icon as an abbreviated logo, which will be seen more easily and read more clearly.

You’ll see the new logo and icon roll out across mobile and desktop today, and across all our other apps and services soon.

Alongside this change YouTube has also completely updated its mobile app giving it a bunch of new features and they are also currently working on a new desktop design.

The new logo has created quite a buzz on social media but, unfortunately for the popular site, it looks like it hasn’t caused quite the reaction the website wanted.

Hopefully the other changes which include a dark mode and the ability to slow down or speed up videos will make a better impression.

But on second thoughts, by taking the ‘Tube’ out of the tube, haven’t they doubled their tubes?