YouTube Manager Live Tweets Horrific Ongoing Active Shooter Incident

by : UNILAD on : 03 Apr 2018 21:55

In the past hour it has been reported that there is an ongoing shooting at the YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California.


While facts are scarce – what is certain is that police are responding to the shooting and that people have been told to avoid the area at all costs.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital has said that they are treating patients from the incident – however no details concerning their injuries have been revealed as of yet, reports BBC News.

YouTube employees have been posting to Twitter with some claiming two people have been shot and that the shooter was a woman – though these claims are yet to be verified.


Todd Sherman, a YouTube project manager, has been live tweeting his experiences and they make for a truly horrifying read.

The tweets began just an hour ago when Todd revealed that he was safe.

He then went onto claim he had been in a meeting when he heard people running. The rumbling caused by the aggressive panic led Todd to think there was an earthquake.

He then got up to check out what was going on and saw more people running for their lives and realised that it wasn’t a drill. He was then told there was somebody with a gun in the building.


As Todd began to try and get out he posted how his panic made everyone he looked at appear as a potential shooter.

The tweets come to an end as Todd harrowingly claimed he saw blood all over the floor and stairs before police ‘cruisers’ pulled up and cops got out armed with rifles.

Fortunately Todd was able to get out safely – however as the situation remains ongoing it isn’t yet confirmed if everybody else got out okay.

Another YouTube employee, Vadim Lavrusik, tweeted that there was an active shooter in the building and that he was barricaded inside a room.

He followed up the tweet saying he had been safely evacuated:


San Bruno Police released a statement on the matter, claiming:

We are working in an active investigation at YouTube. We’re asking that you just follow us on social media for any updates.

The massive San Bruno YouTube HQ is home to 1,700 employees.

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