YouTube Prankster Gets Brutal Dose Of Karma After Cutting Girlfriends Hair


What happens when you film yourself chopping off your girlfriends hair as a prank? Karma. Karma happens. 

And that’s exactly what happened to YouTube prankster Brad Holmes.

Just three days back, Brad thought it would be absolutely hilarious to record himself using a pair of large kitchen scissors to snip off about a four inch long segment of his significant others hair.

After posting the below vid onto YouTube, the clip went subsequently viral and Brad got his fair share of hate with the top comments referring to him as a ‘douchebag’ and a ‘jerk’.

But it would appear that the biggest shock-wave of retaliation to hit Brad smack in the face was to come from the very girl he decided to prank in the first place as she decided it was time to give him a taste of his own medicine.

His girlfriend, known only as ‘Jen’, starts the revenge prank video by saying:

Hi everyone. So a few days ago Brad decided to cut my hair. So I’m gonna get Brad back by bringing in his brother Lawrence and making him think we’ve slept together while he’s been at work.

And it’s safe to say that Brad genuinely loses his shit.

Watch the hilarious (and incredibly sweary) clip below: