YouTube Prankster Sam Pepper Quits Social Media And Deletes All His Videos

Sam Pepper/Instagram

Internet, rejoice. YouTuber and professional whopper Sam Pepper could finally be off the internet for good.

It’s the moment many have been waiting for, for quite some time now, especially after all the shit he pulled last year.

Sam Pepper/YouTube

Such bollocks included his ‘social experiment’ in which he pinched girl’s bums and, on another occasion, where he tricked his best friend into thinking a mutual friend had been kidnapped and executed. As you do.

But it seems the controversial vlogger and prankster might be gone – at least for now – after making his video content private and deleting all but one not-too-cryptic tweet.

At this point, it remains unclear why he has decided to leave the internet.

Perhaps it was the fact that his pranks have received a hugely negative reaction, including a warning from Anonymous.

But, before anyone sheds a tear (or doesn’t, probably), many are questioning whether this is simply a ploy to get more attention. Funnily enough, however, it doesn’t seem that many people are especially devastated by the move.