YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Officially Most Disliked Video In Site History


Let’s face it, YouTube isn’t in its heyday; with streaming platforms like Spotify surfacing as the cool kids on the block, it’s not surprising that its been left behind.

It’s kind of like one of those well-worn jumpers that you keep in the back of your wardrobe in case you ever need it again, all the while knowing that it’s had its day.

Which is why it’s not surprising to me that in 2018, YouTube’s attempt to recap the year in video form has failed spectacularly.

Now, I’d never heard of YouTube Rewind until I started writing this article – probably because it’s proving so darn unpopular, so in case any of you are in a similar boat I’ll give a summary of what it actually is.

In brief terms, the platform produces a video at the end of every year which recaps the videos, music and trends which defined the year. Hence, Rewind is born.

Obviously, the video didn’t highlight any of the controversies which have surrounded YouTube over 2018 – including Logan Paul’s publishing of a video which showed the body of a man in Japan’s suicide forest and beauty gurus Laura Lee and Jeffree Star being accused of racism.

Logan Paul/YouTube

No, instead it focuses on Fortnite, Baby Shark, K-Pop, Yodel Boy, and I’ll be honest with you – a whole host of other stuff that I categorically do not understand.

Maybe I should take this as a sign that I’m really not ‘down with the kids’ (oh God, I’ve turned into my dad) when it comes to the latest trends. But honestly, if these are the trends then I want no part in it whatsoever. Soz.

You can take a look at the cringe-worthy video below:

And Rewind is now officially the most disliked video in the website’s history, proving that maybe it’s not just me who doesn’t get it.

Earlier today (December 13), the video reached 10 million dislikes, meaning it passed Justin Bieber’s 2010 song Baby, which up until now held the top spot at 9.9 million thumbs-down votes.

That means it has surpassed Justin Bieber’s 2010 song Baby which held the top spot, being disliked more than 9.7 million times.

Woah. I have to stop myself there because I’m sorry, what?! Baby is and always will be a tune. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Yep, including all 9.9 million of you who disliked it.

Anyway, I digress. The point is, YouTube’s hit a new (low) record. But they don’t seem too phased by it and I have to say, have handled it in the best possible way – by making fun of themselves.

Earlier today, they took to Twitter with a screenshot of their new record, showing Justin Bieber and Rewind side by side.

Alongside it, they wrote:

New record!! Oh…wait.

Amazing. They probably have the mentality, ‘if we don’t laugh we’ll cry’.

Good on them.

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