YouTube Star PewDiePie Made A FORTUNE In 2014

by : UNILAD on : 07 Jul 2015 15:08

YouTube is PewDiePie’s business and business is good. Extremely good, in fact!


The 24-year-old Felix Kjellberg – who plays video games, records his reactions and uploads the resulting videos to his YouTube channel – reportedly raked in a whopping $7 million last year.

The Swedish star currently has 37.7 million subscribers on YouTube and his company ‘PewDiePie Productions’ brought in the incredible sum in 2014, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen.

In a Reddit AMA last year, Kjellberg confirmed he earned $4 million for his videos in 2013 alone, and added that he does a lot of charity work alongside his “Let’s Play” gaming videos.


He said:

I still spent far more money on charities than anything I’ve ever spent for myself. Which I am proud to say at least.

In June 2014, Kjellberg announced that his fans had raised more than $1 million for various charities, including the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, St. Jude hospital and Charity: Water. In March this year, Charity: Water thanked Kjellberg for helping 10,028 people in Rwanda get access to clean water.

As a signal of his growing fame, Kjellberg had a cameo in South Park last year, and he even has a book coming out in October, titled ‘This Book Loves You’ – a collection of inspirational quotes that he’s said over the years as an online personality.

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