YouTuber Jake Paul Faces Huge Backlash After Racist Video

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Jake Paul, the younger brother of controversial YouTuber Logan, is facing a backlash after a video of him using racist slurs has been leaked.

Logan caused controversy earlier this week when he uploaded a video which showed a man who’d killed himself in Japan’s notorious ‘suicide forest’.

Now his 20-year-old brother Jake is also being criticised for using the N-word repeatedly in a video that has emerged of him rapping.

"Yeah I park my car on a red carpet, are you silly?"

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In the video obtained by TMZ the Disney Channel star seems pretty comfortable using the slur dropping it at least twice during a short freestyle rap.

Jake is shown to be hanging out with his friends late at night near Palm Springs during the weekend of Coachella last year.

While rapping over the beat of Rae Sremmurd’s Throw Sum Mo, Jake can be heard saying something about ‘little ass n****s’ following up with ‘I whip it like my n**** Richie Vetter, he make the p***y so wet it gets wetter’.

You can watch the video here:

TMZ reports that a source close to Jake said that the YouTube sensation isn’t racist and has matured a lot across the eight months since the video was made.

However, you cannot deny that the language used in the video is inappropriate and also this isn’t the first time Jake has been accused of racism.

In a vlog from August 1, 2017, titled Self Driving Tesla In Drive Thru Prank (Freakouts) a fan comes up to Jake and his friends in the car.

Clearly excited to see the internet star, the fan asks Jake to ‘put this on the vlog, please’.

However, things soon turn dark when the fan says that he is originally from Kazakhstan to which Jake responds with:

It sounds like you’re just going to blow someone up. Send the nuke!

Not only is this racism shocking and offensive but Jake actively put it in his vlog knowing full well what he said.

What makes this all even worse is that parts of the country were used as nuclear test sites for the Soviet Union with the radiation having long-term effects on the people living there.

Only earlier this week Jake caused further controversy when he uploaded a video titled I Lost My Virginity… to his ‘family friendly’ channel.

Although the vlog ended up being about going skiing for the first time, Jake thought it would be funny to imply something completely different even using a photo of a semi-naked man being straddled by a woman in just her underwear in the thumbnail.

Well aren’t you a genius!

Receiving a huge backlash, one person wrote on Twitter:

Jake Paul released a video with the title ‘i lost my virginity’.

I’m so sorry for your viewers/child viewers boi but just to get some views and made it as a clickbait?

Oh god, Jake Paul you’re disgusting.

Another added:

Logan Paul posts a video with a dead body in it, no longer than 24 hours later Jake Paul posts a video about losing his virginity, both have audiences 12 and under.

It’s been two days into 2018 and they’ve both already screwed up big time. I just hope a lot of people realise that.

Will these two ever learn their lessons!