YouTubers Play A Game About Being YouTubers, Because YouTube


So this is where society is at now. There’s a game about what it’s like to be a YouTuber, being played online by actual professional YouTube folk.

YouTubers Life is a tycoon game of sorts, but instead of rollercoasters, dinosaurs, or anything actually interesting, we get to follow an aspiring YouTube star. In their room. Uploading and editing videos.


Of course, this game only really seems to appeal to actual YouTubers, something that the world has been crying out for, obviously.

I mean, surely anyone else who wants to see what it’s like to be a YouTuber, edit videos, and receive abuse online can just use their computer and do it.

It seems to me the central message in Youtubers Life is essentially that you shouldn’t bother trying to become a YouTube sensation in real life. I suspect a secret cabal of YouTubers made this game to thin the herd, see.


The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, if you have a wild urge to try it out. Meanwhile, if you want to see what actual YouTubers make of the sim, I have a sampling for you below.

I will admit that while the idea for the game itself makes my eyes roll back into my head so violently that I fear I may have lost my sight forever, it is kind of amusing to see what real YouTube folk think of the game.

Let’s start with yammy xox, who seemed to really enjoy the game. Good for you, yammy xox.

Vikkstar123 on the other hand, acknowledged the dark underbelly of YouTube. If you’re after a sobering discussion of haters and death threats, this is the one for you.

Jim Sterling, meanwhile, mirrors my own opinion on the game, namely that the whole thing makes him cringe.

Although to be fair, he’s probably just acting up while I’m literally this much of a cynical prick.

Finally (of course) we have PewDiePie, who delivers his usual brand of pointless shouting self deprecation.

Personally I hope that YouTubers Life is a smash hit, and we get a sequel called YouTubers YouTubers Life where we play as a YouTuber making videos about himself making videos in the original game.

That seems to be the way the world is going, so we might as well roll with it, right?