Zac Efron Blasted For His Ridiculous Martin Luther King Day Tweet

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You can always rely on Zac Efron for missing the point, and he’s gone and done it again according to social media, with a ‘wildly misjudged’ tweet about Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Beneath a photograph of himself driving down a street lined with palm trees, the 28-year-old Hollywood star posted: “I’m grateful for a couple things today. Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers on IG #MLKDay.”


As you can imagine, mentioning one of the greatest American equal rights campaigners and reaching 10 million Instagram followers in the same post predictably caused some upset among internet dwellers…

To be fair to Zac, the humbled star did decide to apologise later on:

I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I realise that last night’s post was completely insensitive and I apologise to anyone who I may have offended. So sorry. Z.

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Social media are becoming more and more PC, but fair play to Zac for apologising – or nice work by his PR manager, even.