Zendaya Posts Poolside Picture But People Can’t Stop Looking At Her Feet

by : Julia Banim on : 14 May 2018 21:07
Hollywood actor Zendaya put a photo of herself and her dog in a pool on Instagram and people are freaking out about her feetHollywood actor Zendaya put a photo of herself and her dog in a pool on Instagram and people are freaking out about her feetzendaya/Instagram

Relaxing in the pool at her Los Angeles home with her little dog Noon, Zendaya looked like the very embodiment of summer sunshine.


Sporting an asymmetric style yellow bikini and a bright smile, fans loved seeing the the 21-year-old actor looking so natural and happy.

But a foot shaped cloud was about to pass across the clear blue skies….

Fans can't stop looking at Zendaya's feetFans can't stop looking at Zendaya's feetzendaya/Instagram

Sharing the pics with her 51.1 million Instagram and 13.8 million Twitter followers, Zendaya revealed how this was a very special moment for her three-year-old miniature schnauzer who apparently isn’t too keen on paddling.


Complete with a beaming smile emoji, Zendaya explained:

Anyone who knows Noon knows he does not f*ck with the pool (so proud mom moment) he got to the first step all on his own.

Anybody with a short legged fur baby of their own can relate to this moment. For instance, my dog is terrified of stairs and it has taken many hours of biscuit tempting to get him used to them.

But sadly we need to stop the cute pet chat right there, as this is not a tale about dogs. This, like many an Instagram yarn before it, is a story about feet.

Tweeting with a series of ‘I’m crying laughing’ faces, a clearly amused Zendaya gave the following message to fans:

Y’all ain’t bout to do my feet with the water warping


Yes. Amidst the many people describing the Spider-Man: Homecoming actress as ‘cute’ and ‘adorable,’ there were a good few who couldn’t get past the way her toes – or ‘tingers’ as some referred to them – looked in the water.

One person gasped:

Your toes look like play dough that someone stretched out

Another joked:

Sequel to smallfoot just released, Bigfoot led by zendaya


Of course, plenty of people were quick to point out how this effect was down to distortion from the water.

Zendaya’s feet don’t really look like this. And if they did, well, she could pull it off no problem.

One loyal fan pledged:

I’d still love you even if those were your real feet.

Another eye-rolled:

You guys need to stop looking for little things to point out and run with. Her feet are fine and we are all aware that the water warped them.

And one exasperated individual spoke for us all:

Don’t let this feet water warping distract you from the fact that Noon got to the first steps on his own.

Go Noon!

In an interesting twist – which has not been lost on her fans – Zendaya will play the character of Meechee – a Yeti – in upcoming animated movie Smallfoot.

The plot for this movie is as follows:

A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as ‘humans’ really do exist.

Zendaya herself has already tweeted the following quote from the film:

‘Smallfoot exists suckas!’

Smallfoot will come stomping into US theatres September 27 and UK cinemas on October 5.

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