Zoo Elephant Tragically Kills Young Girl Without Leaving Enclosure

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jul 2016 13:22

A seven-year-old girl, who was visiting a zoo in Morocco, has died after being hit on the head by a rock which was thrown by an elephant.


The tragic incident happened on Tuesday when the young girl was at a zoo, in the country’s capital, Rabat, with her parents.

According to the Huffington Post, the girl was having a picture took with her family when the animal picked up a large stone and hurled it into the air before it dropped down onto the seven-year-old.

She was knocked unconscious immediately and taken to hospital where she later died from her injuries.


The zoo issued a statement on the incident claiming that their establishment was in line with international regulations.

They added:

This kind of incident is rare, unpredictable, and unusual. Accidents of this nature happened in international zoos, most recently in Disney World Orlando and the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States.

A video has since surfaced online showing the immediate aftermath of the horrific freak accident in which you can see the elephant in the enclosure as dozens of people surround the young girl who is unconscious on the ground.


The video also shows what appears to be the rock which was thrown at the girl.

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    Elephant Kills Schoolgirl By Flinging A Rock At Her Head In Moroccan Zoo