Zoo Worker Glassed Her Love Rival Colleague Over Hunky Llama Keeper


One woman has been found guilty of slashing a colleague’s face with a wine glass, after their argument over a man escalated.

The women, Caroline Westlake and Kate Sanders, became involved in the fight after both dating and getting involved in a love triangle with male colleague, Adam Davies.

Llama keeper Davies, 30, originally dated Sanders for five years, and then moved on to Westlake, who he subsequently dated for a year.


Sanders punched Westlake, and spat at her, even going as far as to dangle her over a 30ft balcony at one point, after Sanders was originally overheard in the toilets, saying she looked ‘much better than Caroline – have you seen the state of her?’

Despite this, it was Westlake who was found guilty in court, after using glass from a bottle of wine to slash at Sanders’ face, cutting it and causing her face to gush with blood, to the extent that she needed stitches.

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Sanders, 32, kept her job at the zoo, while Westlake, 30, was sacked, and subsequently convicted in court.

Sanders claimed she was mortified about the fight, and was sorry for commenting on Westlake’s looks, and claimed:

I turned to her and said to Caroline, ‘I’m so sorry about what you heard. It was never meant to be heard and I am so sorry.’
I was completely in the wrong.

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Despite Westlake claiming she was provoked, and suffered from ADHD and dyspraxia that makes her clumsy, prosecutor Richard Doolan added:

This case is simple really, it was unfortunate what was said on the evening but it proves that there was a back drop of bad blood between the two.

Kate was very candid in her evidence and has given a clear and credible account of events.

The tipping point came outside the cloakroom when she tried to apologise to the defendant and insults were traded by both of them.

Westlake will be sentenced on Friday October 23rd.