There’s Something Very Different About This Picture Of Emma Watson

emma 1Naheel Gonsalves

Do you notice anything weird about the photo above?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not actually a photo at all, but instead the work of an incredibly talented artist who has painted a portrait of Emma Watson. It looks so realistic it may as well be a photograph of the Harry Potter star.

The Daily Mail reports that the portrait is the work of Nehaal Gonsalves, from Mumbai, India, who spent a month of his life painting his masterpiece of Emma and he’s now hoping that the actress will see his work.

Emma 4Naheel Gonsalves

The artist claims he chose Emma as his ‘muse’ because she is ‘perfection’, and the video that shows its painstaking creation has been watched more than 31,000 times on Facebook.

Nehaal, an artist and student, wrote that the portrait had been ‘painted tediously since the start of this year’.

He posted the end result on Facebook, with the caption:

First piece of the year, my mind is numb from what a challenge it was to detail this beautiful beast. Hopefully this one reaches her though.

Emma 3Naheel Gonsalves

The painting maestro also shared a video showing how he started painting the incredible portrait, beginning with rough shapes, right up until the end result when it begins to look eerily similar to a photograph of Emma.

The light and shadow are the final touches, which gives the almost creepy illusion that it could be the actress herself, and it’s difficult to tell it’s only a painting.

emma 1Naheel Gonsalves

This isn’t the first time that Nehaal has painted Emma either, and he’s quite a fan of her work.

He wrote:

The last time I did a painting of her I felt like too much attention was being drawn to the clothing rather than the person, so I made an attempt to make this as real as possible, because after all she is perfection.

Watch Gonsalves paint his incredible portrait here: