Pretty Little Liars Star Loses Phone, Guy Finds It And Has Weekend Of A Lifetime

PALEYFEST 2014 - "Pretty Little Liars"PA

Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario learnt a few valuable lessons over the weekend – never leave your bag at a public spot and always have a pass code on your phone. Oh, and definitely never leave VIP passes to Coachella in your bag.

Los Angeles resident and Good Samaritan Jack found the actress’ bag – which had her unlocked phone and artist passes to Coachella Music Festival – at a park in California on Saturday. And he got the weekend of a lifetime because of it.

Jack did his best to let the Pretty Little Liars star know he had her stuff by texting Troian’s friends and even her mum, but when no one responded, he was forced to step it up a notch.

Like any person with a celebrity’s phone would do, Jack took over Troian’s social media. And after posting on her Instagram how upset ‘she’ was that heavy meal band Disturbed weren’t playing at Coachella – and how every other artist playing at the event was a joke – Jake got the actress’ attention.

Fans freaked out, of course – but Troian was nice enough to reassure them from a back-up phone that it definitely wasn’t her posting on her Instagram and she definitely isn’t a fan of Disturbed.

After pleading with Jack to not post anymore, he agreed. But turns out Jack’s just a good guy with a sense of humour, and after noticing Troian’s bag had all-access artist passes to Coachella, he pushed his luck a bit and asked if he could have one. Which is better than what most people would do – just take them.

Troian (surprisingly) agreed with one condition – Snapchat from her account everything he does. Obviously, this deal turned out amazing because what came next was what many of us only dream of.

Jack set off on an epic unplanned adventure which landed him pre-drinking at a mansion before the festival, on stage with Skrillex, in Zedd’s trailer, and then ending up at private party at Skrillex’s house where he partied until 6am.

Alright COME ON!!!! @zedd seriously Jack!

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Finally, he got one last celebrity encounter with Troian.

After meeting her at her house, she finally got her phone back. And Jack definitely got the weekend of a lifetime. He signed off of Troian’s phone saying: “This was an insane weekend lol I’m going to bed, Disturbed thank me later for the s/o.”