Woman Claims To Have Been Terrified After Seeing This ‘Ghost’ In Snapchat


A young woman was left terrified after she opened a very ghostly Snapchat.

Carrie Rose has said she was ‘freaked out’ and ‘paranoid’ after her friend sent her a Snapchat of herself with an old, eerie face in the corner.

People have taken the news seriously, calling the photo ‘ghoulish’, ‘chilling’, and even ‘sinister’.

This is the photo:

Not what you were expecting? Yeah, us either…

Rose told The Mirror in a pretty unbelievable interview:

I opened the Snapchat and it freaked me out. I was on my own at the time and started getting paranoid.

My friend doesn’t believe in ghosts I definitely do. The face looks like a female.

I shared the picture with the rest of my friends who couldn’t believe it.

As she lives in a new build we often think it’s not possible they’re haunted – but you never know. It is clearly not haunting or scaring her whatever it is.

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What it clearly is, actually, is the FaceSwap feature that wandered a little too far from the face. Or a glitch in the FaceSwap or Snapchat filter. Or literally anything but an actual ghost.

But Rose thinks otherwise, adding:

My friend just seemed to laugh it off when I asked her about it. I think that’s because she’s trying not to freak herself out after moving in to her new house.

We’re not so convinced.