British Army In Racism Controversy For Tweeting ‘Blacked Up’ Soldier Pic


The British Army’s been accused of racism after sharing an offensive tweet of a soldier with his face blacked up. 

The photo which has been accused of condoning black face shows a British soldier in the woods pulling a silly face and was captioned ‘being a #soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humour’.

The army have since deleted the tweet but now social media users are demanding that they apologise for the photo and criticising the choice to post it, The Sun reports.

Others however have defended the army…

Meanwhile Soldier On!, a charity that helps soldiers with career transition and employment when they leave the services, questioned the controversy saying: “Blacked up? Or wearing cam cream and taken out of context?”

While I doubt the British Army intended to be racist with this post It does demonstrate a rather shocking lack of foresight on their part.

Seriously as a general rule if it’s something that Roy Chubby Brown would find funny the rule of thumb is don’t do it.