Oh You Lift? This Fitness Model Does Too, A Lot

Oh You Lift? This Fitness Model Does Too, A Lot UNILAD Untitled 1139Instagram

Meet Maggie Russell, an Australian fitness model who trains for four hours every day.

And you can tell. The 20-year-old is all over Instagram, she’s pretty fucking hench, and currently only consumes 1,100 calories a day.


She doesn’t plan on carrying on this training regime for ever, though, she’s currently in training for a bodybuilding event this Saturday – the World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion competition in Australia.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin she is now at the end of ‘depletion week’, in which she hasn’t eaten any carbohydrates. On top of that she’s been exercising twice a day to try and get her body fat down and show off muscles.





You can check out some more photos on her Instagram here. Apparently she really loves pizza.