Lee Rigby’s Family Condemn Britain First For Using His Murder In Party Broadcast

The Lee Rigby Foundation/Facebook

Britain First have been publicly condemned by the mother of Lee Rigby for using the murdered Fusilier’s death in a party political broadcast.

Rigby was murdered in 2013 outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, reports The Independent.

Leader of Britain First, Paul Golding, is running for Mayor of London and exploits the tragic death of Rigby to justify ending mass immigration in a campaign video.

It drew a passionate response from Rigby’s mother Lyn, who took to the Lee Rigby Foundation Facebook page to address the broadcast.

In the post Lyn Rigby explained she has requested on numerous occasions the right wing group do not use her sons death to propagate their views.

She said:

The family have always said that Britain First’s views are not what Lee believed in and they have absolutely no support from his family. We have repeatedly asked Britain First and other political parties not to use Lee’s name to promote their views.

Britain First also claim that there is no permanent memorial to Lee at the site of his death. There is a permanent memorial to Lee at St George’s Chapel in Woolwich, which is what we wanted.

Sadly it is not the first time the group has attempted to use Rigby’s murder for their own benefit.

As stated by the Independent, the electoral commission apologised in 2014 for allowing Britain First to use his image on their voting slips.