New Intimate Photo Of Genie Bouchard And Random Twitter Date Goes Viral


It was incredible enough when ‘normal guy’ John Goehrke bagged a date with tennis superstar Eugenie ‘Genie’ Bouchard on the basis of a bet.

Back in February, Patriots fan John propositioned Genie over Twitter after she tweeted, ‘I knew the Falcons would win btw’, while a game between the Falcons and the Patriots was still ongoing.

Plucky John rose out of the ocean of her Twitter followers to comment, ‘If the Patriots win, we go on a date?’

I can only imagine his disbelieving expression when the Canadian champ casually replied, ‘sure’.

On my super bowl twitter date ?

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What followed was a Cinderella story for the modern age, with the sporty pair enjoying a date to a Brooklyn Nets game.

Here they watched the Nets take on the Milwaukee Bucks at New York’s Barclay Centre while the press looked on with amazement.

Speaking to TMZ after the date, Genie and John reported things had gone swimmingly.

Genie appeared particularly relieved to discover her internet admirer was ‘normal’. She also said she would be ‘for sure’ up for another date. Bravo John…

Genie with her date! #geniebouchard #eugeniebouchard #geniearmy #bouchard

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The pair did indeed seem to get on very well, beaming together in various Instagram pictures. However, none of us really expected the impossible to happen: an actual second date…

But yet – in a turn of events straight out of Notting Hill – it appears the SI Swimsuit Model and University of Missouri student have reconnected once again, in a more private setting.

New Instagram pics show Genie and John enjoying a very cosy looking second date. They look totally comfortable as they apparently chill out together on a sofa.

23-year-old Genie posted a super-cute pic to her bewildered fans, with the caption, ‘Look who came to visit me! #superbowltwitterdate’.

‪Look who came to visit me! ? #superbowltwitterdate ‬

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Genie also tweeted a picture that showed the ‘couple’ messing around with seasonal snap chat filters, tweeting, ‘Gettin in the Xmas spirit like’ with a crying laughing face.

There’s a couple of mischievous mentions of mistletoe in this pic which is sure to get tongues wagging. Could romance really be in the air?

Genie’s envious Twitter followers managed to scrape their jaws off the floor long enough to tweet some pretty funny responses.

One person gasped, ‘what a ledge’ while another declared, ‘this lad is one crafty crafty dude’.

Another person said, ‘Dammmnnn he has to be the luckiest bloke in the world good on you thats dope’.

I must say, I do like John’s style. Sometimes it really does pay to be a little bit daring.

One moment of courage and he is now a social media hero, spending not just one but two evenings with a glamorous and talented sports star.

So, he who dares really does sometimes win. Let’s just hope dating genius John has some tips up his sleeve he’s willing to share with the rest of us poor saps.