A Company Are Looking For Volunteers To Smoke Weed For Science


In the name of science, a research company is looking for 25,000 people to smoke cannabis for them.

On top of doing this huge favour for them, you get a 30g bag of weed every month for free…the catch? It’s in Germany.

The research is being done as a move to understand the long-term effects of the drug since Germany legalised marijuana for medical use.

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The research initiative carrying out the study is called Cannabiskonsum, and its managing director said:

In Germany, several million people regularly get high with cannabis. It is time that science becomes more engaged with recreational use.


Research director Dr Thomas Schnel said:

Cannabis as a drug has been largely neglected by research, with the exception of specific subgroups that are conspicuous in the health system, either by being addicted to cannabis or by a severe mental disorder.

Most consumers do not seem to develop either a dependency or a clinically relevant mental disorder, so the extent to which cannabis use is effective in these healthy consumers… should therefore be explored more intensively.


With cannabis being so commonly used, it makes sense for researchers to find out more about it, rather than refusing to admit its significance like in the UK.

Shockingly on 2000 people have signed up to the study so there is plenty of space for you apply on the Cannabiskonsum website.

It’s your duty to science.