A Quarter Of Men Think They Have Man Periods, According To Study

by : UNILAD on : 21 Nov 2015 12:01

Everyone knows about man flu, but now there’s a new ailment for guys on the block.

Say hello to man periods – something a quarter of men genuinely believe they suffer from.


Now in case you are a guy and don’t know, the symptoms of a traditional period include cramps, mood swings, increased sensitivity and tiredness. Basically it’s a mother*cker.

So after a study was conducted using 50% men and 50% women (with a total of 2,412 people), it emerged that 26% of men thought they experienced those symptoms on a regular basis.

manpmanpHuffington Post

Now while you can understand guys thinking that (sort of), even more astoundingly, it turned out 58% of the women actually believed them.


Those women then admitted they tried to cheer their partners up, and said they also walked around on eggshells for a few days.

Talk about a role reversal!

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    Quarter of men believe they have man periods