Actual Boaty McBoatface Is Finally Revealed


Of course it was a landmark event that brought democracy into question and made us all despair ‘what is the point in a public vote?’.

But it seems that Boaty McBoatface has found it’s most appropriate place…as a little submarine that is attached to the £200m Pound Polar Research Ship, RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Now you can’t argue with the boat being named after our country’s greatest treasure, and little Boaty will be going on all the arctic adventures as well, the Metro reports.

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) put the naming of the vessel to a public vote (I hope we have all learned from this mistake) and Boaty McBoatface came out with four times as many votes as the runner up, RRS Poppy-Mai.

The chief executive of the NERC, Duncan Wingham, who made the final decision, faced the dilemma of choosing between the credibility of his organisation and the overwhelming burden of public opinion.

In order to appease the public and dodge a public upheaval, NERC made a great compromise in the form of a yellow remote-controlled submarine.

The ship is set to sail in 2019 and it will enable scientists to research the world’s oceans and study climate change.

RSS Sir David Attenborough will be the UK’s largest and most advanced research ship which will allow scientists to carry out research safely and efficiently through the harsh winter months in the arctic.

The ship, which can hold 90 people, will be able to blast through ice up to a metre thick!