Bald Men Are More Intelligent According To New Study


We all know at least one bald guy who never stops talking about his hey day, and you look at with a hint of sympathy.

Well there is no need because new research shows that a bald man is perceived as more dominant, masculine, confident, and strangely, taller than they actually are.

I think most of the credit for this hard man persona is thanks to Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and the Rock.


Over three studies, led by Albert E. Mannes, 59 participants were shown pictures of men with full heads of hair, and another of them with their hair digitally removed.

Being bald actually added an inch to their perceived height, reports the i100. Short guys, you know what to do.


So if your hairline is receding, or your mop is thinning don’t fret – shave it off with confidence because apparently men with patchy hair were seen as less attractive and weaker.

Mannes made the point that that qualities like dominance are known to be indicators of how successful a person is.

Get shaving!