Being Forgetful Actually Means You’re Highly Intelligent, According To Coaching Practitioner

by : Emily Brown on : 27 Mar 2021 18:48
Being Forgetful Actually Means You're Highly Intelligent, According To Coaching PractitionerBuena Vista Pictures Distribution/coachlisy/TikTok

While some critics might brand forgetfulness as a frustrating or annoying quality, a coaching practitioner has explained that it can actually be a sign of high intelligence. 

Elisabeth Donatella, a TikTok user and Certified Coaching Practitioner, has racked up more than 500,000 followers by sharing informative videos addressing topics such as gaslighting, self-awareness and anxiety.


In a series titled ‘psychological facts you didn’t know about yourself’, Elisabeth discussed the topic of forgetfulness, stating, ‘Being forgetful is a sign of high intelligence.’

Check out her explanation below:


According to Elisabeth, scientists claim that forgetting events is just as important as remembering them, and that a ‘bad memory’ is actually a ‘mechanism for making more space for more relevant information in your brain’.

She went on to say that being able to forget things ‘keeps your brain from wasting space and energy’.

Now, as someone who has no trouble remembering seemingly insignificant and completely useless facts while simultaneously struggling to remember vital dates, appointments and information, this revelation about saving space for the important things doesn’t particularly bode well for me.

Unfortunately for me, however, the University of Toronto further supported Elisabeth’s video with a 2020 study that claimed forgetting details every now and again is a sign of a healthy memory system.


Per The Independent, Professor Blake Richland, one of the publishers of the study, explained that it’s important the brain ‘forgets irrelevant details and instead focuses on the stuff that’s going to help make decisions in the real world’.

The professor suggested that attempting to memorise everything may actually be detrimental, as your brain would be bombarded with useless information when trying to make a decision.

He said, ‘We always idealise the person who can smash a trivia game, but the point of memory is not being able to remember who won the Stanley Cup in 1972.’


The scientists noted that forgetting things at an alarming frequency may be cause for concern, but if you’re only drawing blanks every now and again, then you’re probably safe to start bragging about how smart you are.

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