Bosses Urged To Let Staff Take Afternoon Nap On Monday


As I’m sure you all noticed when you woke up in a disgruntled state of drowsiness this morning – we have lost an hour, as we do every year, it’s just vanished into thin air.

However – there is an answer according to science, and no it’s not completely bizarre.

Sleep psychologists believe that all workers should be able to take a short nap at some point tomorrow afternoon.


Psychologist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who leads research for bed manufacturers Silentnight and the University of Leeds, said that although Britons have only lost one hour, it could force workers, who are already sleep deprived, to sleep just a meagre four hours, reports The Sun.

She said:

This weekend the clocks go forward and we’ll lose an hour of sleep on Sunday.

The loss of an hour in bed is particularly detrimental to individuals who already struggle with their sleep, and recent research by Silentnight has proved that many Brits, including children, are dangerously sleep deprived.

You may not have realised it but there are many dangers to being sleep deprived.

People who don’t get enough shut-eye have a much higher chance of developing diabetes, heart problems and depression.


Dr Ramlakhan continued that our generation is more sleep deprived than ever due to electronic lighting from phones and computers which are drastically affecting our sleep.

The sleep scientist explained:

Unlike our ancestors we’re constantly surrounded by unnatural electronic light, whether it’s from light fittings, computer screens, televisions or mobile phones.

This constant exposure to artificial light can have an effect on our sleep quality, and often even when we think we are indulging in a long sleep, the truth is our sleep quality is poor and we still wake up feeling tired.


Last year, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan said:

If you are one of the 25 per cent of the nation that gets less than five hours sleep a night, this time change could see you drop down to as little as four hours, which is a dangerously low amount.

Bosses should consider allowing staff to take a short nap in the office. It can make a huge difference.

Just a twenty minute power nap can make a huge difference. Naps have been scientifically proven to boost creativity and problem solving ability, and they can even rebalance the immune system, meaning staff are less likely to take sick days.

And in you’re looking for a way to persuade your boss to let you hit the hay, Dr Ramlakhan concluded: ‘Company nap time would definitely work in the boss’ favour in the long run’.

Make sure you’re getting your 20 minutes beauty sleep tomorrow.

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