David Attenborough Is Pretty Upset About The EU Referendum Result


In the aftermath of the EU referendum result to vote Leave, we’re all still analysing how this really actually happened.

52 per cent of the electorate voted to leave the European Union, which led to David Cameron’s resignation- adding that he will step down within the next three months.


Everyone is going on about the over 65’s ultimately swinging the leave result, with three out of five of that age group voting to leave.

But Sir David Attenborough definitely wasn’t one of them and has a rather different opinion on the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.


The iconic nature broadcaster didn’t make his feelings known in the run-up to the referendum, but after being questioned by The Guardian he expressed his concern for the environment.

He said: “That is sad. Swallows aren’t members of the union, and migrant birds and so on.”

But the 90-year-old hopes that despite Brexit, environmental issues will still be at the forefront of our international collaboration with other nations.


“One just hopes that collaboration on these issues, conservation issues, will transcend political divisions,” he said.

He added that he ‘hopes it is possible’ for the UK to enact the EU’s Birds and Habitats Directive.

This comes after Remain campaigners warned that leaving the EU would have negative consequences for the environment.

The Green Party Launch Their EU CampaignGetty

Caroline Lucas MP for the Green Party claimed that the referendum was a ‘climate referendum’, adding that leaving the EU would be harmful in attempts to tackle climate change.