Disgusting Reason You Shouldn’t Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

Flickr/Jason Patel

When I bought a re-usable water bottle, I thought I was doing a great thing, saving the planet one sip at a time.

I shopped around, purchased a good quality one because it’s an investment…little did I know it was an investment in BACTERIA.

Researchers swabbed a group of 12 athletes’ water bottles and found that they were crawling with more bacteria than a public toilet seat.

Different types of bottle are more prone to attracting germs, but even the best of the lot, a straw top bottle, has almost the same amount as a public toilet seat.


Treadmill Reviews found that each water bottle had more than 300,000 colony forming units (CFU) per square centimeter. For comparison, a used dog toy will have on average, under 3,000 CFU.

We all have to drink from something, so researchers are recommending some damage limitation by choosing the least bacteria-housing flask.

Even more terrifyingly, the bacteria they are talking about is not visible to the human eye, so you won’t even know you’re consuming them.


Slide-top bottles hosted the most germs by far, and 99 per cent of them are gram negative rods(of which E. coli is one).

Over 60 per cent of the germs they found could make you sick, so maybe re-think your drinking habits.

Steel containers are also less likely to harbour bacteria than plastic.

Who would’ve thought drinking the elixir of life could be so dangerous!?