Doctors Saved This Guy’s Hand In The Most Incredible Way

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This guy in Brazil was involved in a brutal accident at work when his hand got trapped in a piece of machinery, ripping all of the skin from it.

But how did doctors save it? Simple – they just made an incision in his abdomen and sewed his hand inside of his belly.

As reported by The Sun, the doctors performed this rare and advanced procedure to avoid amputating Mr Mariotti’s hand.


Carlos Mariotti’s left hand was dragged into some heavy duty equipment at the factory where he works – close to his home in Orleans, Brazil.

The doctor who performed the operation, Doctor Boris Brandao, said:

Mr Mariotti suffered an injury which left him with very little skin on the palm and back of his hand, exposing the bones and tendons inside.

This was a very large and delicate injury and the only place we could fit the whole hand was in the abdomen.

Without this procedure there would be a high risk of infection and the tissue and tendons would rot away.

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Doctors have instructed that Mr Mariotti keeps his hand inside the heavy bandages for the next six weeks at least.

Huge bandages are used to keep his arm held in place but Carlos has to move his hand very gently in order to keep it from going rigid.

Carlos said:

It’s a really weird feeling trying to wiggle my fingers inside my body and creepy seeing my tummy protrude slightly as I prod around.

Absolutely incredible.