Earth Is Losing More Than 1.2 Trillion Tons Of Ice Per Year

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 30 Jan 2021 13:57
Earth Is Losing More Than 1.2 Trillion Tons Of Ice Per YearPA Images

Planet Earth is losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice every single year, a new study has confirmed.

The grim milestone was published in the journal Cryosphere, revealing that the loss of ice is up by nearly 60% since 1994, thanks to the acceleration of global warming.


Between the years of 1994 and 2017, Earth lost 28 trillion tons of ice – enough to cover the UK with a 300ft deep layer sheet – a sum which is only set to continue rising as the Earth’s atmosphere continues to rise in temperature.

Meanwhile, sea levels have risen by 1.3 inches globally since 1994, E&E News reports.

Earth Is Losing More Than 1.2 Trillion Tons Of Ice Per YearEmma Rosemurgey

This latest study is the first time the entire planet’s ice has been assessed as a whole, taking into consideration the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, and mountain glaciers all around the world.


Climate researcher and Cryosphere study’s lead author, Thomas Slater, in a statement:

The ice sheets are now following the worst-case climate warming scenarios set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Sea level rise on this scale will have very serious impacts on coastal communities this century.

If the IPCC’s estimates are anything to go by, sea levels could have risen by a further 16 inches by the year 2100.

But, while we as a species grapple with how to be kinder to our environment, another recent study has suggested that the rate at which our planet is losing ice is unlikely to stop accelerating.

Earth Is Losing More Than 1.2 Trillion Tons Of Ice Per YearPA Images

A study published in Science Advances found that 74 major ocean-terminating glaciers in Greenland’s structures are being weakened as a result of being infiltrated by water from warming seas.

‘It’s like cutting the feet off the glacier rather than melting the whole body. You melt the feet and the body falls down, as opposed to melting the whole body,’ explained, Eric Rignot in The Washington Post.

He went on to say predictions of sea levels rising may be overly conservative and they could be set to rise much sooner than we think.


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