Earth Is Very Close To ‘Extinction-Level’ Event Says NASA Scientist


The Earth as we know it may well be about to change as a NASA scientist has warned we are due for an ‘extinction level’ event from the sky.

Speaking earlier this week at an event in San Francisco, Dr. Joseph Nuth of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center added that not only are we overdue for an ‘extinction level’ event but even if we see it coming there’ll be nothing at all we can do about it.

Explaining his apocalyptic claims, Dr Nuth said while asteroids and comets large enough to wipe out civilisation are extremely rare they do tend to hit our planet roughly ‘every 50 to 60 million years’, reports The Guardian.


Now considering a comet was what wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago it would appear our planet is overdue some serious extinction.

Nuth added:

The biggest problem, basically, is there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about it at the moment.

Nuth referred to an event back in 2014 when a comet passed incredibly closely to Mars.

That comet could’ve decimated Mars however, despite taking years to get there, we didn’t notice it until just 22 months before it glided past the red planet which is nowhere near enough time to prepare a device which could stop the comet from destroying earth.


The solution? Nuth believes NASA should start building a rocket that could fend off such a threat right this second which can be placed into storage until the big apocalyptic day comes when it can be deployed to save the day.

He said:

[Building such a device] could mitigate the possibility of a sneaky asteroid coming in from a place that’s hard to observe, like from the sun.

This sounds a lot like Hollywood’s next apocalyptic blockbuster.