European Supervolcano Could Be Set For ‘Mega Eruption’ Say Experts


An expert has told The Daily Star that the European super volcano could be ready to erupt potentially devastating the economy and putting thousands of lives at risk.

Volcanologists revealed in March that the dormant Campi Flegrei volcano in Naples, Italy had reached a ‘critical stage’ and could be about to erupt.

Speaking to The Daily Star Stefano Carlino, of National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, has revealed that even a small eruption could have cataclysmic consequences for Europe.

Campi Flegrei - Google Maps

The last time Campi Flegrei erupted was in 1538 when it unleashed billowing clouds of ash into the air that choked the skies for days, and it’s feared that a similar eruption could cause chaos for airlines.

Dr Carlino led a team who studied the volcano to try and predict future eruptions and he believes his analysis shows that an eruption similar to 1538 is a very real possibility.

He said: 

Considering the present signal of the volcano and recent deformation history we should expect that, in case of short term eruptions, it will be of small energy, like the 1538 eruption.


Should the volcano erupt the skies of Europe will be full of volcanic ash preventing planes taking off and landing at airports in Italy, Spain, France and possibly even Britain.

Dr Carlino explained that ash thrown up into the atmosphere could have a number of wide ranging consequences beyond interrupting air travel such as disrupting global climate.


A number of researchers agree with Dr Carlino including Dr Christopher Kilburn, of the University of Central London, who says the volcano has shown activity for decades suggesting an eruption may be likely.

Dr Kilburn claims that the eruption of Campi Flegrei will likely be 1/10th the strength of the eruption that destroyed Pompeii and that the physical damage is expected to be within just a part of Campi Flegrei.

So not all bad news…