‘Extra Terrestrial Fireball’ Seen In The Sky Does Something Bizarre


A UFO hunter claims he’s found proof that we are not alone in this crazy, mixed-up world.

Video footage sent in to the UFOlogist’s YouTube channel from Manurewa, New Zealand, shows a fireball-like object hurtling through the sky and making a seemingly unnatural U-turn.

You can watch the bizarre occurrence in the clip below:

The video was taken on July 31, and has since been brought to the attention of conspiracy theorists Blake and Brett Cousins, who narrate the footage.

In the footage, a Brett says:

I’m looking at it and whatever this is – if this is some pilot doing some kind of erratic manoeuvre – he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing in the sky.

What is the reason behind this? This could be some sort of extra-terrestrial craft – a massive one – doing some out of this world kind of manoeuvres over New Zealand.

Or this is some kind of conventional aircraft doing dangerous manoeuvres.


The object seems to detach from its chemtrail, lit up by an incredible sunset and reflections on clouds in the sky.

The gravity-defying display has baffled and excited Believers, one of whom dubbed the footage ‘fucking weird even for NZ’.

One commentator disputed claims of UFOs, writing:

This is an airplane with contrail on high altitude wind illuminated by sun. It happens all the time in Rijeka, Croatia. This is not an UFO. Neither this is an comet as some guys claim on their channel.


Another added: “If you look really closely you can actually see a glint of the Tooth Fairy carrying a bag of Gold to all those who have lost their teeth during the night.”

The Internet jury is still out.