Fitness Brand Answers Claims A Dead Mouse Was ‘Found In Their Protein Powder’


Right now is pretty much the golden age for gym go-ers. Here, there and everywhere people are slipping into their lycra and heading to their local gymnasiums. 

And as everybody knows, gym work is worthless without the adequate amount of protein so you can replenish and rebuild those sculpted and exhausted muscles of yours.

Gone are the days of having to eat seven eggs and a T-Bone steak – now all you need is a delicious glass of gains, but what really goes into your protein shake?


Whey, cassein, amino acids – the lot, but one guy last week made the exuberant claim that he had found a dead mouse in his protein.

Adam Brenton, from Manchester, claimed he had been using a batch of Myprotein for three long weeks when he uncovered the rodent doused in chocolatey powder. Mmmhm, extra protein.

Adam claimed he merely wanted some compensation from Myprotein for putting his health at risk but surprise surprise, an investigation rather quickly found out that Myprotein were not in the wrong even slightly.


Myprotein released a statement in the aftermath of the claim, reading:

You may have seen a malicious claim regarding a ‘foreign object’ in one of our products recently.

Due to the severity of the accusation, and the pride we take in our quality & safety processes, we are compelled to set the record straight, and stand against ‘fake news’ & ‘false claims’.

The conclusive production investigation & 3rd party accredited laboratory tests have proven without doubt, that the ‘foreign object’ was not present in the pouch when it left the Myprotein production facility, and in fact became deceased in early April, 2 & a half weeks after being purchased by the customer.

The pathologist who investigated the claim stated that the mouse only died around three weeks after the protein batch had been finalised.


So what does go into your protein? Sodium, potassium, Vitamin B-12, magnesium. But mice? No, thank you.

Hopefully Myprotein is able to keep its loyal fanbase after this ‘fake news’ went viral.